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H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: The Bible says, “Faith is believing in things that we cannot see.”

P: Excuse me, but isn’t that a bit SILLY and kind of FOOLISH?

H: Why do you say that?

P: Because believing in things that aren’t there is just children’s MAKE-BELIEVE.

H: I didn’t say that we should believe in things that aren’t there.

P: Do we have to wear some MAGICAL 3-D glasses to see these INVISIBLE things?

H: Sometimes we NEVER get to see them until later, so for now we just have to believe.

P: I only want to believe in things that I can REALLY SEE.

H: Like what for instance?

P: I like seeing the sunrise in the morning and a delicious breakfast on the table.

H: I expect that the sun will rise, but how do you know that the breakfast will be there?

P: My mom ALWAYS cooks a delicious breakfast for us.

H: So even before you actually SEE the food, you already BELIEVE it will be there.

P: That’s right!

H: It’s called FAITH when you believe something will happen because you TRUST people.

P: I guess I believe in lots of things that I can’t always see.

H: Like what?

P: I believe God and my family will love me every day, and tomorrow the sun will rise.

H: I believe that you have LOTS OF FAITH.  Kids, is it SILLY and FOOLISH to believe that our families love us?  How do you know that they will love you tomorrow and the day after?(they have always loved you)  Raise your hands if you believe that God will always love you.  You kids have lots of faith! Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  “Faith is believing in things/ we know are true/ even if we can’t see them.”  That’s from Hebrews 11:1 in the Bible. Where’s that from? Would you please pray with me?

Dear God/ help me to believe in things I cannot see/

Like that you and my family/ will always love me/

And all of God’s faithful and believing children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use a puppet that can gesture. By Pastor Berni Fricke

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