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AUGUST 11, 2019  written by: Jenelle Green

So here is the full disclosure, Pastor had written a sermon for today and had asked me to read it and then mentioned that I should look it over and if I thought it needed adjusting, to go ahead and adjust it….I read it….and I adjusted it….

Pastors sermon for today, starts out by talking about a heart locket, I remember seeing heart lockets as a child. The lockets would open and you could place your picture on one side and a special someone on the other side.  The message was two people sharing one heart, one love. At different ages the person next to us on the lockets tend to change, as a child the pictures might be of you and a friend, as we get older it may be of someone that we love or thought we loved, as we get even older it may be a picture of our children, and as we get even older the picture could be of our grandchildren. Whatever the age the message is always the same, two people sharing one heart/love.

A kind of love that is about FAITH and TRUST. The person whose picture is opposite could trust that we would be faithful to share our love and our life with them. And that kind of love and faith is important to have no matter what age we are. 

Today’s lessons talk about that same kind of FAITH and TRUST. The lesson in Genesis, tells us about the amazing FAITH and TRUST that Abram and Sara had in God. The lesson in Hebrews reminds us of what FAITH is and what it means to us and the Gospel tells us of the FAITHFUL promises that God has given to us. 

As babies, new creations of God, we have nothing but FAITH and TRUST, we have FAITH that we will be fed, and our other needs taken care of. However, as we grow and are subject to sin, our FAITH and TRUST gets tested. Many people lose some or all FAITH and TRUST in everyone and everything, they are generally angry, bitter and difficult to be around. 

I will admit that in many of my days, my FAITH and TRUST are tested, even with the reminder on my wrist. I, however, am so very blessed and have so many people in my life, that I could put in my locket They have FAITH, TRUST & LOVE for me, as I do for them.

Here at FAITH Lutheran, we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary.  I love history and have enjoyed going through the different notes, books, and pictures I have found. When the founding fathers (people) made the decision to establish the church, there goal was to share and teach the FAITH that God has for us, and to all the others in our community. They had also made the decision to teach using the Lutheran instructions. In doing so also create a place of worship. 

Like Abraham and Sarah, these founding people had amazing FAITH and TRUST in our Lord. Faith then grew and at one point had a record 113 children in the education programs. 

Like Abraham and Sarah, many of those people did not get the opportunity to see or experience what was created by God. But they had FAITH in God and TRUSTED that he would provide.

Like those founding people, we now are faced with the unknown of the future of Faith Lutheran and like those founding people we too have FAITH and TRUST in our Lord. Changing the goals or our belief in Lutheranism is not what our founding people or God would want us to do. We need to keep the same goals and continue to share and teach others in our community about the FAITH, TRUST and LOVE that God has for all of us.

As many of you noticed, there is a new awning and sign on the front entrance.  FAITH BY THE LAKE, This sign is not meant to change who we are, we are Lutherans, it is meant to be a reminder to not only others but for us that here at this church we have FAITH and by having FAITH in our Lord, no matter how difficult life may seem at times, that having FAITH, LOVE and TRUST in Him, He will guide, help and provide us with what is needed.  

And all of God’s faithful people said: