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Names on the list:

June 2019 Prayer List

These prayer requests are very important. We want to make sure that every opportunity is given for each of us to be a part of praying for someone.

Names on the list are:

All those on this list have different stages of cancer, for recovery, for healing, comfort, peace: Bruce, Diane Olsen, Gloria Yarnell Wright, Norma Krampitz (no longer needing to take chemo med), Presley (tumor on face), Sandy (radiation), Sherry (stage 4 cancer) Betty (starting Chemo).


Other concerns of continued healing, physically and mentally and for those who suffer from forms of mental illness, depression or addictions: Bill (continued strength, healing), Bobbie Oliver (healing),  Bruce (on dialysis), Charles P. (healing),  Janey Smith (fibromyalgia), Lindy (kidney disease, on dialysis), London; Lori (MS), Marlene, Mary (heart), Mary G. (MS– healing), Miriam (MS),  Nancy (depression), Nerie (MS), Richard Wentz, Rita Medina, Ron Jr. (continued sobriety), Roni Hull & husband (both with health problems), Ryan - liver failure, Tim (heart problems), Wade (heart situation, leg amputated), Willa (healing), Brandi (to resolve her health problems) Lydia age 14 (struggling with anxiety), ), Betty Munn (recovering from stroke), Jose Nunez Bonilla (guiding doctors for spine cancer)


Current prayer request: Willa (recovery & dizziness), Timmy (age 8, struggling with mental illness), Jeannette Schwyhat (healing from surgery), Maria (breast cancer), Mindy (liver issues), Kim Angelique (heart & breathing issues)


Praises: For those who have recovered from illnesses and surgeries and thankfulness for doctors and staff who have helped them:Timmy (age 9, coming home from hospital), Kayla (College Graduation) Justin, Jessa, Alaina, & Madison (graduating from High/Middle schools), Ron’s brother Ken (able to come & visit)






















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