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May 2021


Acts 8:26-40 Have you ever “hitched a ride?”  How would you describe the relationship between Phillip and the Ethiopian?  Why is it OK for Phillip to baptize someone?   In order to “open the scriptures” to others, what do you have to do?  When is the last time you bumped into someone who was open to the Gospel?

Psalm 22:25-31Do you know of any group or country that is totally faithful to God?  When things are going well for you, do you stop to give praise to God?  When we are faithful to God, do you think our lives will work out better?

1 John 4:7-21 How is love a litmus test for our faith?  Is love more of a feeling or an action?  Do we have to fear God’s punishment?  What is the difference between fear of the Lord and fear of judgment?  

John 15:1-8 If you had to make a living gardening, how would you do?  Do you look forward to “getting pruned?”  Is it advisable to try to be a “good Christian” on your own?  Can there be “good pride” in “bearing much fruit” when it comes to love?


Acts 10:44-48  What church were you baptized in?  Do you think we have to be “rebaptised” when we change denominations?  Is baptism intended to be a “one-time event?”  Did “speaking in tongues” make these Gentiles feel more included or less?  When someone has “special knowledge” does that unite or divide a fellowship?

Psalm 98 Are you a quiet or a boisterous celebrator?  What kinds of things make you want to burst into song?  What is your favorite music?  What are some marvelous things that God has done for you?  Can Creation really praise God?  Do you expect God to continue to do new things in your life?

1 John 5:1-6  Is the command to love more of an obligation or a joy?  How does your faith in Jesus help you to love better?  Does eternal life start in Heaven or on Earth in this life?

John 15:9-17  Is it a joy or a chore to love your family?  Friends?  Does being “intentional” help you to turn acquaintances into friends?  How comfortable are you in saying “I love you” to your family?  Friends?


Acts 1:15-17, 21-26  When deciding who should serve and where, is it important to have some “criteria?”  What are some of your best gifts or skills?  How can you best use them to serve people?  How would you react if you were the one NOT CHOSEN?

Psalm 1 What is the most impressive tree you’ve ever seen?  Why?  Who was the most stable person in your family?  What gives stability to your life?  How does your faith “ground” you?

1 John 5:9-13 How central is Jesus Christ to your faith?  Is being a Christian more of an “affiliation” or a “relationship?”  How do you relate to people who are active in a different faith?  

John 17:6-19 How well do you pay attention during long prayers?  Jesus said he was “not of this world.”  Did he live a monastic life or did he get out with people?  Are you able to bring your faith into your everyday life?


Ezekiel 37:1-14 Where have you gone to talk to or think about deceased loved ones?  The Hebrew word “ruach” is translated wind, breath, and spirit, in vss. 5,9,14.  How are these three related?  What are the two steps used in raising the dry bones?  Is your life more like dry bones or full of energy?

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b  What happens to things when we disconnect them from their spiritual connection?  How do you get spiritually refreshed?  

Acts 2:1-21  Have you ever travelled where you didn’t speak the language? What was that like?  Is the purpose of the “tongues/languages” to dazzle people or to aid in communicating the Gospel?  When you get competent with a concept or a language, how does that affect your willingness to share it with others?  Do you have to be a pastor or Bible scholar to share the Gospel with others?  Have you ever had a “conversion experience?”  In what ways did it affect your faith?

John 15:26-27, 16:4b-15  How are you at saying “goodbyes?”  Are you more focused on your loss or wishing your friends well?  What is the good and the bad news about Jesus leaving.  From your experience, does the Holy Spirit guide you directly or in the company of a caring community of faith?  How would describe the communication between you and God now?


Isaiah 6:1-8 Have you ever been called in front of a big boss or judge?  How did that feel?  Have you ever served in a position of responsibility?  How were you recruited?  Does being far less than perfect affect your willingness to serve in positions of responsibility?  Could God use you to bring an important message to others?

Psalm 29 How does a thunderstorm make you feel?  Does it make you think of God?  How do the forces of Nature inspire you?  How do they overwhelm you?  What storms are blowing through your life right now?  How are you responding to that?

Romans 8:12-17 What is a ”spirit that enslaves us?”  What is a “spirit that embraces us?”  How does the Spirit of God discipline you?  Encourage you?  What discipline or practice do you have to center your thoughts on God every day?

John 3:1-17 How old were you when you first learned where babies came from?  Why did Nick come at night?  Are there some faith questions or doubts that are hard for you to ask or admit to?  Is the source of your faith more about your religious affiliation or your personal faith in Christ?  Did you come to faith more out of fear, curiosity, or what?  


Genesis 3:8-15 What is your “best” excuse for a regrettable behavior?  Who do you use to deflect attention and responsibility away from you?  Did God come to accuse or help Adam and Eve?  Who or what helps you take responsibility for your actions?

Psalm 13 What are some of the “depths” that you have experienced?  Who is the one who “condemns” in this passage?  Who forgives?  When God “pulls you over” do you envision him giving you a ticket or cutting you a break?

2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 How would you compare the way that Paul is looking at the aging process with the attitudes in our society today?  How do you look at the aging process?  Are you more concerned for your physical well being or your spiritual well being?

Mark 3:20-35 What do you think would be harder to handle, the demands of the crowd or your family thinking you are crazy?  Can you understand the feelings of Jesus’ mother and brothers?  Do you think Jesus was a little hard on his family?  What would you do if you were asked to choose between your family and God?