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July 2021



Ezekiel 2:1-5  Who would it scare you to tell to make changes in their life?  Why does God keep calling Ezekiel “Son of Man?”  Can one be courageous and scared at the same time?  At first glance, what are his chances of success?

Psalm 123  What is most likely to catch your eye?  Why do you think they are enduring ridicule?  Is anyone not in need of mercy?

2 Corinthians 12:2-10  What was your most recent dream?  What do you think of Paul’s “out-of-body” experience?  What could be Paul’s “thorn in the flesh?”  What could be yours?

Mark 6:1-13  How do you explain Jesus’ inability to do miracles in his hometown?  Are you willing to speak about what you believe, even if the audience is not enthused about what you have to say?  Is it easier to talk to people you know or don’t know about your faith?


Amos 7:7-15  What did your parents do for a living?  How did that influence your development?  Why would the king want Amos out of his kingdom?  How high and mighty does one have to be to be God’s prophet?  Is there something out of the ordinary that God is calling you to do or say?

Psalm 85:8-13  What is our part in God not letting us “return to folly” and in “glory dwelling in our land?”  What is God’s part?

Ephesians 1:3-14  How does it make you feel that God picked you out ahead of time?  What did you have to do to “earn your place” in this family of God?  How can you live when you know that your place is assured?

Mark 6:14-29  What genre of movie would this make?  Why is the King so paranoid?  Is it a good idea to make good on bad promises?  Have you ever gotten in trouble for speaking out about something you believe in?


Jeremiah 23:1-6  How can shepherds cause sheep to scatter?  Who or what has led you astray?  Is Jesus your shepherd most of the time?  What other roles does he play in your life?

Psalm 23  With what formulas for dealing with stress were you raised?  Why might a “rod and staff” which are tools to keep sheep in line be of comfort?  Read the text again in the negative(The Lord is NOT my shepherd).  What verse is most disturbing?  What dark valleys or enemies are you facing currently?

Ephesians 2:11-22  According to this text, would growing up in the church make you one of God’s chosen people?  What is your peace—the church, your faith, or Christ Jesus?  How can you make sure that Jesus is the “cornerstone” of your life?

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56  When during the day do you stop to talk to Jesus?  When you wish your life would slow down, do you usually get your wish?  When people know you are willing to help, do needy people just kind of find you?  Does Jesus need you to be totally prepared to minister to those in your care?  Who needs your attention most right now?


2 Kings 4:42-44  What miracles of multiplication happen at Lutheran potlucks?  Do you think you have all you need to meet the demands of those in your care?  What would it mean for you to believe that God can supply all you need?

Psalm 145:10-18  Do you only praise God when things are going well for you?  How does “God’s dominion endure through all generations?”  What is it that lasts throughout all human history?(i.e. truth)  

Ephesians 3:14-21  What makes you a “wealthy Christian”?  How does the power of Christ rule your life?  How big is your God?  

John 6:1-21  If you had to feed 5,000 people, what would you serve?  What would it mean if this were called “the miracle of the little boy”?  What miracles has God done through you? Do you believe that God could use you to do miracles in the future?  How much of what you have to offer does God need to do a miracle?


Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15  What do you like to complain about?  What food could you eat every day?  What’s behind the Israelite’s complaints?  Does grumbling usually help things along?  What’s the difference between getting what you want and what you need?

Psalm 78:23-29  What would be considered “manna from Heaven” by starving people?  Do you think world hunger is mainly about food shortages?  How can God use you to help rain “food” on those in need?

Ephesians 4:1-16  What does it mean to “keep the unity of the spirit”?  Can there be a diversity of opinions and ways of doing things in our unity?  What unique talents or gifts has the Spirit given you to share?  What happens when what you do does not match what you are gifted for?

John 6:24-35  Why are the crowds following Jesus?  What is the greatest gift you can give to someone who wants your charity?  What is the “bread” that Jesus offers to people?  How could God use you to be someone’s bread?