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March 2020   


Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7  What is the role of the caretaker?  How might humans be inclined to overstep their role?  How can power seduce us?  How hard is it to hide our shame from God?

Psalm 32  Why would someone refuse to confess their sins?  How is instruction different from getting “bridled”?  How does a “clean slate” change your relationships?

Romans 5:12-19  When you think about dying, how does it make you feel?  How do you think sin is passed on from generation to generation?  What is the gift that Christ gives us?(which is mentioned five times)  Why is it so much better than the trespass?

Matthew 4:1-11  How does the devil try to trick Jesus by using faith words?  Which one of the temptations of Jesus have you faced in the past?(or recently?)  When you experience doubt and testing, what do you do to help you?


Genesis 12:1-4a  Do you think the recent death of his father influenced Abram to leave his home?  What does it mean to be “called”?  What “callings” have you followed in your life?  When you really followed your calling, did it bring some blessings?

Psalm 121  What are your greatest concerns when out on a journey?  What comfort does the traveler receive for the journey?  When have you needed God’s protection?

Romans 4:1-5, 13-17  On a scale from 1-10, how “righteous” would people rate you?  Do you ever wonder if you are “good enough”?  What is the difference between earning God’s approval and getting it as a gift?

John 3:1-17  Do you see Nicodemus as more of an unbeliever or a seeker?  What point does Jesus want us to grasp when he compares coming to faith with childbirth?  Can doubt or unbelief be an important step towards faith?


Exodus 17:1-7  Are you more of a half full or empty person?  What does quarreling or complaining do to relationships?  How well do you deal with complaining?  Does God give any relief?

Psalm 95  What’s your favorite kind of music?  How can music help us express our joy?  Is worship more about joy or about habit for you?  What are your favorite parts of worship?  

Romans 5:1-11  Describe the process that takes us from suffering to peace.  Is the process always look or feel like it’s moving onward and upward?  How comforting is it to know that even while going through the process of reconciliation, you are already reconciled to God in Christ?

John 4:5-42  Who are the kinds of people you feel least comfortable around?  Why would Jesus risk his reputation to talk to this woman?   How did Jesus practice “tough love” with this woman?  Why are forgiven and repentant sinners so good at spreading the Good News?  


1 Samuel 16:1-13  How much do people trust their leaders now-a-days?  How much importance does our society put on appearance?  What traits do you look for in a good role model of faith?  How much energy does God want us to put into impressing Him or people?

Psalm 23  Why might a rod and staff, tools to keep sheep in line, be comforting.  When your life gets overwhelming what do you turn to for comfort?  Can you imagine a place of peace and calm in the midst of a storm?  Where is that place for you?

Ephesians 5:8-14  Do you see more black and white or grey in life issues?  Would you be willing to speak up about an issue even if you were in the great minority?  Is it easy or difficult for you to make changes in your behavior?

John 9:1-41  Is there any fault you have that you like to blame your parents for?  What are the dangers of connecting misfortunes with our sin?  Have you had any physical or emotional problems that were healed, or you just had to live with faithfully?


Ezekiel 37:1-14  Where have you gone and meditated on those who have gone before you?  What might the expression “nothing but a bag of bones” describe in people?  Where in your or other people’s lives have you seen people “get life breathed back into them?  Where do you need a breath from God’s Spirit?

Psalm 130  What are some of the “depths” that people experience?  What was the psalmist relationship with God like?  Is God’s forgiveness worth waiting for?  Is there anything that you need to confess or need help with?

Romans 8:6-11  How is “sinful flesh” different from the “flesh” that we share with all people and with Jesus?  What is the folly in trying to be “good enough for God”?  What are some ways to have your “minds controlled by the Spirit of God”?

John 11:1-45  What do you know about Mary and Martha that will help you understand this story?  Any idea why Jesus would wait and not rush to help Lazarus?  What might this “foreshadow”?  What will the disciples learn from this story?  When was the last time you questioned God’s timing or an unanswered prayer?  How risky or scary is “living by faith”?