Bible Study


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October 2020 


Isaiah 5:1-7  How do farmers feel when all their hard work gives little yield?  What are some of the things that the gardener did to prepare his crop?  When circumstances or relationships don’t work out for you, do you keep on preparing for another harvest?  Is it often worth it to plant in the same field?

Psalm 80:7-15  When we “remind” God of why he plants in our lives, who are we really reminding?  Is it OK to hold God accountable for God’s promises to us?

Philippians 3:4b-14  What was Paul trying to prove in verses 4-8?  Are there times when you feel the need to “show your credentials”?  What do you feel are your greatest successes?  Failures?

Matthew 21:33-46  Why would someone/you “kill the messenger”?  Is it easier for you to take responsibility or to blame?  What does/would it mean that Jesus is the “foundation stone” in your life?


Isaiah 25:1-9  As a child, where did you feel safe from a storm?  At what feast do you always overeat?  How is the relationship between the Lord and the needy portrayed?  What needs to be “fortified” in your life?

Psalm 23  How were you taught to deal with stress?  Why might a “rod and staff” be comforting?  Reread the psalm as if it read, “The Lord is NOT…”  What’s that like?

Philippians 4:1-9  How does what you think about affect how you feel?  What have you found helpful in controlling your thought life?  What in your life could be copied by others?

Matthew 22:1-14  What is your best unexpected wedding story?  What excuses do you make for not celebrating more in your life?  How does your choosing God affect God’s choosing you?


Isaiah 45:1-7  Why does God give victory to Cyrus?  Do you think God can use a non-believer to God’s purposes?  What has God done in your life to convince you that he is God?

Psalm 96:1-13  What’s your favorite new song?  What new thing is God doing in your life that you would like to “sing about”?  What old habit would you like God to help you make new?

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10  Describe the people’s response to the Gospel.  How can you and our church “model the faith to others?  How was the Gospel brought to you?

Matthew 22:15-22  How clear is your budgeting of time and money for both Caesar and God?  Are there things you would like to do to improve your giving?  Who does it all belong to anyway?


Jeremiah 31:31-34  The Old Covenant was the 10 Commandments, which they failed to comply with.  Which commandment(s) are you most likely to break?  God can “forget” people’s sins.  Can we?  Should we?

Psalm 46  What natural disasters have you experienced?  Where did you go for shelter?  How does your faith in God help you in the midst of your fears?  

Romans 3:19-28  Have you or a loved one ever been in trouble with the law?  How did that feel?  What would happen if we “got what we deserved”?  When you see a police car, do you worry more about upholding or breaking the law?  What does it mean to you that God has “bailed us out” and “paid the price” for our sins?

John 8:31-36  What kind of teaching “ties you up”?  Is it better to admit that we are “enslaved” by certain habits, or to pretend that we are “totally free”?  Where in your life would you like to experience more freedom?  How does God’s grace in Christ free us up?


Revelation 7:9-17  What color is the crowd of witnesses?  What “qualifies them to stand before God?  How does a vision of Heaven help you in your day-to-day struggles?

Psalm 34:1-10, 22  How do the “saints who have gone before you” give you strength to meet life’s challenges?  What do you think it means to “taste and see that the Lord is good?”  How does your journey taste right now?

1 John 3:1-3  What does it mean to you that you are “a child of God?”  How does our hope in Christ “purify” our life?  Who are your role models?

Matthew 5:1-12  Which of these “blessings” would be hardest for you to live by 1)out in the world?  2)In your faith life?  What “saints”(spiritual role models), alive or dead, do you look up to or talk to?