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January 2020 BIBLE STUDY




Isaiah 60:1-6  What or who brightens up your day the most?  What new epiphany has shed light in your life?  Who could you shine your light on?

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14  What is unique about the “justice and judgment” in this psalm?  How are charity and leadership connected?  Could you follow or be this kind of a leader?

Ephesians 3:1-12  What is your favorite mystery story?  Is the “mystery of the gospel” more about confusing people or more about engaging them?  Do you think Paul was uniquely called to reveal this mystery?  How could you “make plain the mystery of the gospel” to others?  

Matthew 2:1-12  What does following this “new light” say about the wisdom of these wise kings?  Why is King Herod so threatened by this new light?  Where are you right now in your quest for spiritual truth?  Are you more threatened by truth or excited? JANUARY DEVOTIONS 2020 A


Isaiah 42:1-9  Describe Isaiah’s character traits for a good leader.  Who is supposed to “open the eyes of the blind?”  What is the purpose of this prophesy?

Psalm 29  What is the purpose of ascribing all these realms to God’s oversight?  In which realm do you see God most clearly?

Acts 10:34-43  Does God favor any culture or nationality?  What part did Jesus’ baptism play in his overall ministry?  What spiritual practices get you more engaged in your faith?

Matthew 3:13-17  Why didn’t John want to be baptized by Jesus?  Who are the most famous, yet selfless people that you know of?  What “signs from above” have you ever experienced?


Isaiah 9:1-4 What do you think Isaiah meant by the “darkness” that people walk in?  How are “light” and “growth” related?  Does being part of a “growing ministry” bring new light and energy to a group of people or a church?  What are some ways that we could bring more light to our church?

Psalm 27:1,4-9 How does light and hope cast out fear?  Do you have to be in a church building in order to “dwell with the Lord in his house”?  How does feeling in the presence of the Lord cast out fear?

1 Corinthians 1:10-18 Who are the strong personalities in the church?  In your life?  How well does it work out when we “take sides” against each other?  Is there a difference between taking sides and speaking your conscience?  What are some ways to avoid or handle disagreements in the future?

Matthew 4:12-23 Do you think that Jesus had an “AHA MOMENT” that kicked off his ministry?  Did you have an “AHA MOMENT” when you got more active with your faith?  Why do recent converts make such energetic evangelists?  Even if we can’t physically heal people, how can our “Good News words” bring healing to people?


Micah 6:1-8 Who are the key players in this “courtroom scene”?  What is God’s purpose in destroying all our “excuses”?  Please put Micah 6:8 to memory if you haven’t already!

Psalm 15 How far up this “holy hill” could you or I stand?  What is the purpose of being higher up on a hill?  What would our life/our society look like if we judged people based on their character?  How do you want God to judge you?

1 Corinthians 1:18-31 Is it better to boast about the stuff and intelligence that we have accumulated, or the friendships?  Can one “prove their point” without having to destroy their opponent?  Do wise people learn more from what they know, or from what they don’t know?

Matthew 5:1-12 What is it about your favorite teachers that sets them apart?  How would these be-attitudes go over in the business world?  Do you think they can still create a good kind of “shock-value” to our society?  Which two or three could you work on right now?


Isaiah 58:1-12 In what ways have God’s people done the right thing?  Where did they blow it?  What does God think of worship without compassion?  In which religious activity do you just “go through the motions”?  Which do you really commit to?

Psalm 112 Is the main purpose of doing the right thing to benefit you or the people you are given to help?  What kind of “fabric for living” is portrayed in this psalm?  Do you think good people always prosper, especially financially?

1 Corinthians 2:1-16 Who do you turn to when you need some wisdom?  Is the “secret wisdom” hidden from us or are we blinded by the world’s so-called wisdom?  What are some questions you would like some answers to right now?

Matthew 5:13-20 What does the expression “in trouble with the law” bring to mind?  What would happen if following the law was optional?  Does Jesus come to give us freedom from the law?