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H=Human P=Puppet/performer


H: Did you like the story about Jesus that was just read?

P: Not really.  It was about husbands dying and Heaven.  Kind of sad and CONFUSING!

H: It is confusing and sad when husbands and fathers die.

P: Dying and divorce.  That can REALLY change a family.

H: Is there something that shouldn’t change.

P: I just hope that the parents and children can still love each other.

H: Can there ever be TOO MUCH LOVE?

P: I would rather have TOO MUCH LOVE than NOT ENOUGH LOVE!

H: The people asked Jesus about who will be our family in Heaven when we die.

P: I think the people who will be our family in Heaven are the ones who love us.

H: Can I be in your family in Heaven, too?

P: We are family for each other when we love each!

H: Thanks!  Kids, who are the people in our families?  What is the most important thing about a family?  How can we be in each other’s family when we get to Heaven?  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  “People who live in Heaven/ are God’s children/ who love each other.”  That’s from Luke chapter 20. Where’s that from? Would you please pray with me?

Dear Jesus/ Thank you for parents, family, and friends that love me/

When I get to Heaven/ I would like to have a REALLY BIG FAMILY/

Lots of people who love me/ and all of God’s loved children said…AMEN!


By Pastor Berni Fricke

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