Monthly FLAME


Our Youth

 2020-2021 Sunday school 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,

All Sunday school & Youth Classes

have been cancelled.


 Sundays at 11:20 am

**One Room Sunday school class

Kindergarten - 5th Grades

facilitated by Ms. Jeanne


**Confirmation Program

6th Grade - 9th Grade

The confirmation program is designed to fit a busy schedule

Parents/Guardian and Student 


**High School

9th Grade - 12th Grade

Sunday morning check-ins



All classes are held in Timothy Hall

If you have a child, grandchild, and/or neighbor child

that would like to attend please contact Jenelle.



Other Youth Events

Annual Camp Retreats for all children and young adults

**Mt. Cross Ministries


Children and young adults lead church services on the

5th Sunday of the month


Youth Events throughout the year

for fun and community service opportunities


Game Room with Air Hockey, Foosball and

Ping Pong tables