Our Youth


imagesJuly 25, 2021



H=Human   P=Puppet


H: How are you today?


H: What are you AMAZED about?

P: I think it’s AMAZING how Jesus fed 5,000 people!

H: That is pretty AMAZING!

P: It also makes me sad.

H: How can feeding people make you sad?

P: There are still millions of hungry people in the world.

H: There sure are!

P: Even their pets are hungry.

H: That’s sad, too.

P: I could NEVER do something AMAZING and feed them like Jesus did.

H: Do you remember how Jesus started his AMAZING feeding?

P: I guess a child gave Jesus his basket of food to share.

H: And what AMAZING miracle did Jesus do with that shared food?

P: Jesus fed thousands  -  that’s AMAZING!

H: We could call the story the MIRACLE OF THE SHARED FOOD!

P: I could help share some food with the hungry people and their pets.

H: Kids, raise your hands if you and your family could share some food with hungry people and their pets.  If all of us share some of our food ... 

P: Then MANY will be fed--That’s AMAZING!

H: Kids, imagine if we put out some boxes where people could bring food.

P: We have done that and people filled them all up.

H: I think we should never stop looking for ways to help people.

P: Then we can always be part of an AMAZING MIRACLE!

H: They are AMAZING like Jesus.  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  “A little boy shared his 5 loaves and 2 fish/ Jesus took the loaves/ and when he had given thanks/ he gave them as much as they wanted.” That’s from John, chapter 6.  Where’s that from?  Would you please pray with me?

Dear Jesus / thanks for being AMAZING / 

And feeding the hungry / help us to be AMAZING / 

By feeding the hungry, too / 

And all of God’s amazing feeding children said…AMEN!


Notes:  Use puppet or performer.  Point out food collection/serving opportunities.  

By Pastor Berni Fricke