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Our Youth

imagesOctober 11 , 2020



H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: I heard you went shopping the other day.  How did that go?

P: I had $20 to spend.  I picked out something that cost $20 and they said I needed more money.

H: You forgot to add in the TAX.  That’s the part that the government gets.

P: That must be why they have those president’s pictures on the money.

H: We all have to help pay the taxes.

P: That’s not FAIR.  That’s too much for the government.

H: In some countries, the tax is MUCH, MUCH MORE.

P: At least the rest of the money is for me to buy what I WANT—THANK GOD!

H: So, you think that all the rest of your money is just for what YOU WANT?

P: Well, who else would it be for?

H: I thought I heard you say, “Thank God!”  Maybe it’s God’s money that you are spending.

P: But I worked for it, so isn’t it MINE?

H: Who gave you the ability to do the work?

P: God did—so maybe I should think about what God wants me to do with my money.

H: That’s a GREAT idea!  Kids, who gets some of the money we pay for things?  Is all the rest of the money ours so we can buy whatever we want?  What are some good things to spend our money on?  Please repeat todays’ WORDS TO REMEMBER.  Jesus said, “Give the emperor what belongs to the eomperor/ and give God what belongs to God.”  That’s from Matthew 22:21.  Where’s that from?  Would you please pray with me?

Dear God/ help us help our government by paying our taxes/

Help us to remember/ everything we have is a gift from you/

Help us use our money wisely/

And all of God’s sharing people said…AMEN!

Notes:  Use a puppet that can gesture.

By Pastor Berni Fricke