Our Youth

August 9, 2020


H=Human P=Puppet/performer

H: Sometimes God wants to speak to us.

P: When God speaks, God should speak to us with a BOOMING VOICE!

H: So you think God’s voice should be as LOUD as a MIGHTY STORM!

P: That’s what the prophet Elijah thought,.

H: He listened for God’s voice coming out of an EARTHQUAKE.

P: That’ll shake ‘em up.  Did he hear God’s voice?

H: ABSOLUTELY---NOT.  Then he listened for God’s voice from a TORNADO!

P: That’s a lot of POWER.  Did he hear God’s voice?

H: No.  He didn’t hear God’s voice until he heard God WHISPER.

P: How does that make any sense?

H: Have you ever seen someone so mad that they are BREAKING things?

P: People can act like a human STORM when they are REALLY MAD.

H: Would you use a LOUD voice when you speak to them?

P: It’s best to use a QUIET voice, so you can get them to calm down.

H: Have you ever seen someone yell LOUDER and LOUDER?!

P: Their voice just ROARS like a MIGHTY WIND!

H: Would you try to SHOUT LOUDER to get their attention?

P: It’s best to use a GENTLE voice to get them to listen to you.

H: Sometimes God or people have to speak LOUDLY to get our attention.

P: But sometimes a STILL, SMALL VOICE is the best way to get your attention.

H: Kids, when there are storms all around us and everyone is VERY EXCITED, what is the best voice to use?  What does a GENTLE, QUIET voice do to people?  Please repeat today’s WORDS TO REMEMBER.  “Elijah listened for the voice of God in the storms/ but God spoke with a gentle whisper.”  That’s from          1 Kings 19:12.  Where’s that from?  Would you please pray with me?

Dear God/ sometimes we get MAD or AFRAID/ and we just YELL OUT/ speak to us with your GENTLE, WHISPER/ to give us your peace/

Please help us speak like you do/And all of God’s children said…AMEN!