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Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12-14; 2:18-23  Why would such a negative book be in the Bible?  Does discouragement or depression ever overwhelm you?  If your emotions ruled your life, what would your life be like?  Are you willing to admit you are incapacitated? Who do you turn to when you have trouble standing on your own?  Are you willing to let God know how you feel?

Psalm 49:1-12  What good can come from such hopeless thoughts?  What does “bottoming out” mean to you? Does misery really love company?  What are some of the “high horses” that people need to get off of?(including you)  What is more important than money or the striving for wealth and position?

Colossians 3:1-11  Is our worth based on comparison to others?  What are the qualities in you that are most “godly”?  What are qualities or behaviors that you need to work on, with the help of God?

Luke 12:13-21 What are some of the worst kind of “family squabbles”?  Why is it so hard to let go of grudges? How would you like to “have your number called” while in the midst of a squabble?  How is God a different kind of judge than we are?


GENESIS 15:1-6 How do you think Abraham felt when there seemed no way for God to follow through on his promise?  How much proof do you need before you believe that God will help make your life better? Does age have diminish your ability to be used by God?  What’s the best way for God to be using you today?

Psalm 33:12-22  What is power without heart?  Look at some disputes in the news.  How does God’s unfailing love relate to justice?

Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16  Define faith. Does it only depend on the one trying to believe?  How are faith and experience connected?

Luke 12:32-40  What wears out more, a full or an empty purse?  Is it better to wait till opportunities for charity come to you, or for you to go and find some?  Are you more concerned about getting in trouble with God or by disappointing him?


Jeremiah 23:23-29  Who should the attention be on in a prophesy?  Describe the fine line between not trying to be a people pleaser and being offensive.  If God speaks to us and we don’t listen does it make the truth any less real?

Psalm 82  Is God impressed by your credentials?  How are our credibility and advocacy for the powerless connected in God’s eyes?  Is it easy to stand up for the poor? Where do you practice too much avoidance?

Hebrews 11:29-12:2  Does it bring you encouragement to know that you have a cheering section when you do faithful act of charity?  In what ways is Jesus your “touchstone” for your faith? What sins or habits tie up your hands of faith?  

Luke 12:49-56  Is it easy for you to stand up for what you think is right, especially when your friends and family want you to keep quiet?  What are those things that you are unwilling to compromise on? What is the difference between righteousness and self-righteousness?


Isaiah 58:9b-14  When you give freely, do you get as much benefit as the one receiving help?  What are those things that the more you give, the more you have to give? How is charity contagious?  Is fasting the same as starving?

Psalm 103:1-8  How deeply do you let your appreciation and love for God soak in?  Is this list of God’s “benefits” to remind you or God how great He is?  How slow or fast are you to get angry?

Hebrews 12:18-27  Is Mt. Zion more accessible?  How important is it to be able to approach God directly?  In what part of your life of faith do you need to be “shaken”?

Luke 13:10-17  What was more important to the leader, one of his own parishioners or the strict rules?  What rules or laws in our society seem to disable people from getting the help they need?  What rules hamper growth in our church?


Proverbs 25:6-7  Does this remind you of one of Jesus’ parables?  Do you ever “fish for compliments”? How do you “redirect” accolades?

Psalm 112  What does this kind of “fear” mean?  Can character be inherited or passed on?  Why are people of character an affront to those more selfish?

Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16  How is Christian character like a muscle that has to be continually exercised?  Is this exercise easy or hard? How can you support your church leadership?

Luke 14:1, 7-14  What does “giving with strings attached” mean?  How easy or hard is it for you to give others “the place of honor” when you drive?  Negotiate a deal? Deal with an unfavorable relative or acquaintance? Since Jesus “stole” this story line from the Old Testament, is there “gospel” in the Old Testament?


Deuteronomy 30:15-20  Why would the Israelites think that God’s commands are too difficult for them?  Why would someone choose the ways that lead to death? Is the clear choice always the easy choice?

Psalm 1  Do those you associate with rub off on you?  How does a code to live by give you stability?  What fruit are you sprouting in your life?

Philemon 1-21 How hard is it for you to believe that a person has radically changed?  How scary must this have been for Onesimus? Do you think Paul is “pressuring” Philemon into forgiveness?  When do you feel obligated to forgive someone?

Luke 14:25-33  What kind of people “carried their own cross”?  Is following Jesus portrayed as an easy thing or a hard thing?  Why would Jesus use the term “hate”? What priorities do you need to rethink?

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