Monthly FLAME

Faith by the Lake

Celebrating 75 years

Faith Lutheran Church

1944 - 2019

One may have noticed while feeding the ducks at Ellis Lake, the stain glass window of the church that sits across on “D” Street. That stain glass window belongs to Faith by the Lake who is celebrating 75 years of worship, service, and prayer.

Faith’s congregation was officially organized on January 2, 1944 with ten members. The Reverend Otto Matthias, the first pastor of the congregation conducted the service and continued to serve the congregation until 1947. After a fire in the business district in the summer of 1945 the small congregation worshiped in homes and in the park on 14th street. The Marysville Art Club building on “D” street became available and with God’s Grace Faith was able to settle.

Many Pastors later, a new sanctuary built, and throughout all the changing times, Faith is faithfully and joyfully worshiping today.

Jesus asked us all to worship him, if you need a place to worship, please come and join us for a Sunday service starting at 10:00 am.

All Are Welcome!                                                                   Faith by the Lake