Monthly FLAME

Thank you to all who helped make the 75th Anniversary

Celebration Day such a success. A huge appreciation goes

out to the Anniversary Team. The ladies on the

Anniversary Team are an amazing group of women, who

have taken time organizing, setting up, and cleaning up

the many different events that have taken place

throughout the year.

The Anniversary Team:

Patrisha Clark

Sandy Heslop

Norma Krampitz

Vicky Minchuk

Joanne Page

Sharon Privett

The day of Celebration has past, however, it is still 2019

and the celebration doesn’t stop now.  Faith will be

continuing to celebrate 75 years of ministry and service

throughout therest of the year. In October Faith will be

collecting socks for those in need.

In November, Faith will be giving thanks and in

December there will be an Anniversary Christmas


If you would like to help with any of the upcoming

events please contact the office.



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This bridge is very long
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