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August 2019

You want the truth?  You think you can handle the truth?  Let me take you back to a show from the 50’s, “To Tell The Truth”.  Three people would appear on stage and each person would say, “My Name Is….”  The contestants would have to guess which one was telling the truth. What if we had three contestants all saying that they are the REAL FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH?  One would be Faith Past, one Faith Present, and one Faith Future. Does this sound like a familiar plot?

Faith Past would tell us about all the exciting challenges and yes, insecurities about the future based on finances, building projects, bringing in new members, and deciding on the style of worship that suited the newly assembled people.  There was no guarantees , but lots of hope and enthusiasm with this church family.

Faith Present would tell us about all their exciting challenges and yes, insecurities based on finances, renovation projects, trying to bring in new members, and deciding what style of worship both appealed to the long-time members and the variety of worship backgrounds of the newbies.  Again, no guarantees, but hopes and enthusiasm and a sense of family at the church.

Faith Future would have only a few of the people from Faith Present, but would look and feel a lot more like Faith Past in that it would have become mostly a whole new congregation.  There would be financial, building, and growth challenges and still no guarantees. What would give them hope and enthusiasm is that it is the same Heavenly Father, personal Lord and Savior Jesus, and power of the Holy Spirit that helped get Faith started and is its only chance for survival and growth.  

I think all three contestants are the REAL Faith Lutheran Church!

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