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October 2019


Let me riddle you a riddle.  When is 50% equal to 100%? How can someone give you 50% of what they have to give and have that be equal to 100%?  Well, that riddle was solved for me by one of our Associate Members. Associate Members are those folks who have a membership in another church, but also consider Faith their home.  This person said that they used to consider themselves to be a visitor to Faith’s various ministries that they attended or participated in. But now they feel like they are fully one of us.  They told me that they took tithing of time, talents, and money very seriously. I knew that they spent time with us. I also knew that they shared their talents with us in volunteer opportunities.  I was very appreciative of their willingness to split their tithe 50% to each of their church homes. So, in essence, they gave 100% of themselves whichever church home they happened to be at any given time.  

I could go on and tell you that, to me, the term Associate Member is only a functional delineation.  They are “one of us” whenever they or any other person actively participates in ministry with us. But the sense of giving 100% of what you have to give, when you have the opportunity to give, makes the word ASSOCIATE a very special word and concept.  I believe one of the strengths of our Faith family is how quickly and seamlessly you are considered family once you join in ministry here.

As we continue to celebrate our 75th Anniversary, let us remember how special it is to be part of God’s ongoing ministry at Faith.  Since we have dropped lots of numbers in this article, I just want to encourage you to feel that whomever you invite to be part of our God’s ministry they will be accepted to be not 50%, not 75%, but 100% as God’s ministry partners with us at Faith!

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