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Adult Bible Study
09 Apr 2020
09:30AM - 11:00AM
Seder Dinner
09 Apr 2020
06:00PM - 08:00PM
Sewing Sisters
10 Apr 2020
09:30AM - 12:00PM
Good Friday Service
10 Apr 2020
07:00PM -
Men's Breakfast
11 Apr 2020
08:30AM - 10:00AM


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October 23, 2020


April 2020 Pastor Letter 

 Pastor Berni Fricke


As I am writing this letter, I should be worried or panicking as to whether we are ready for Palm Sunday, the Seder Dinner, both the Community and our Good Friday Services, the Easter Sunrise Service, the Easter Service and Easter Egg Hunt.  This is the most important week in the church year. 

However, given the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, EVERY WEEK is now the most important week we are facing.  I just talked to my best friend who was supposed to fly to his high-paying job in New Guinea, but instead is self-quarantined because his 25 year old son is displaying COVID-19 symptoms.  

Speaking of good things going bad. You should know that ministers often call that week before Easter UNHOLY WEEK.  Remember how Jesus was drawing big crowds, healing people, and heading for a triumphant entrance into Jerusalem where his closest followers thought he might be crowned KING and that they would be there to share his glory and power?

But on their way to scoring the winning lottery ticket, Jesus was betrayed, denied, arrested, tortured, humiliated, and left to die on a cross like a common criminal.  Lots of people like to quote Beatle, John Lennon to make this point when he said, “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”  That’s true.  Not long after he said that, Lennon was shot and killed.  OK, OK already!  Is BAD NEWS all you have for us Pastor Berni?

ABSOLUTELY…NOT!  John Lennon gave us great music, a tragic death, and a great quote.  The people who are dying from COVID-19 in a mostly arbitrary manner are being grieved.  But Jesus’ life, suffering, and death were not his last and only words.  Jesus gave his life but his suffering was not just another end to a life.  Jesus’ death and resurrection brought NEW LIFE to the human race.  

Some people think that what Jesus offers us is mostly “pie in the sky, by and by” as a kind of disaster insurance.  It is true that right now, today, there are people who are breathing their last breath on earth however, they now are going to live forever with their creator. 

But, before we breathe our last breath, whenever that might be, each one of at Faith Lutheran Church can make our own life and that of others better by LIVING LIKE IT MATTERS, by treating others and ourselves like we are worth the effort.  Please remember that giving of yourself can drain you.  It’s OK to come to others in the family of Faith and let them help replenish your mojo.  In his most difficult last days before the cross, Jesus brought his disciples to give him support.  They didn’t fully shine at first, but they eventually remembered that Jesus had faith in them.  Jesus has faith that you can help encourage others, and I do too!

Finally, I want to SEE YOU IN CHURCH!  Remember that church is not just a building. We can use our resources to worship, discuss, share, study the Bible, pray, and use various forms of media to keep each other close, and invite others in! Keep your picture directories close by when you communicate with each other.

May God bless you and keep you close in these most trying times.