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October 2020

Pastor's Letter




A phrase that comes out of the Covid crisis, which we can’t avoid, is SOCIAL DISTANCING.  Technically, it means to KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE.  But last week, I almost kept too much of a safe distance.  My best friend, Bill, had called me and left me a message asking me to call him.  We usually talk once or twice a month, and I got too busy to call.  I figured a few days wouldn’t make a difference.  

When I called, Bill told me his story about cleaning out brush in his backyard in Texas.  He felt a little sting.  Then he felt another sting.  When he looked inside his glove, he saw the large spider who had stung him.  Bill started feeling very strange.  He called out to his son Cody who had, by good fortune, just shown up.  As Bill was starting to fall unconscious, Cody called 911 and together with their advice and his CPR class, he saved his father’s life.  

Oh, that was Act 1.  When they got to the hospital, they gave Bill an EpiPen for allergic reactions, which in very rare cases can give you a stroke.  Apparently, Bill is very rare!  Just a story to tell your grandchildren or your best friend.  Of course, the humorous way Bill told the story eased any guilt I may have had.

I am going to call Bill more regularly!  I also got inspired to make sure that I kept up with my “Two or Three Ministry” commitment that I talked about in last month’s Flame.  My favorite call to church members this week was a video chat with Alyssa Paez, whose family joined the church just after I got here.  We chatted with her baby’s Godfather about the upcoming Baptism coming up this next Sunday.  We will try to videotape it and have it on our website for all of you to enjoy!

Remember that when it comes to public health, use Social Distancing.  But when it comes to staying or getting closer to God, your family or your friends, DON’T KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!